If you’re looking for hope, this is the place where I share mine.

My name is Janna. I‘m a teller of stories, a writer of poems, and a lifelong member of the tribe of humanity. I’m the grown-up daughter of a Baptist preacher and his Southern belle wife. My husband is currently a pastor, and we live with two of our three kids in Knoxville, TN.

I don’t believe in giving easy answers to tough questions, but I have found sacred moments of grace and beauty nearly everywhere. I just have to remember to keep my eyes open.

Life is amazing and beautiful and sometimes dark and dirty, so I write to help myself make sense of it all. I hope you find some honest encouragement here, too.

Currently, I'm one of the editors at Foundling House and have published two books. I’ve also written for a number of wonderful websites, including:  Fathom, The Rabbit Room, The Other Journal, Curator Magazine, and Red Tent Living. 

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