As someone who grew up in a culture that tends to ignore and suppress negative emotions, I spent many years wrestling to find hope and joy. Thankfully, God brought a few wise therapists my way, who taught me that the ability to experience positive feelings is directly related to my willingness to enter times of sadness and lament. So that's what I do through writing. Through poetry, stories, and essays, I examine the holiness of every moment--even the tough ones--because I think the world needs to learn to embrace them, too.  

If you'd like to hear my weirdly soft voice, you can go listen to this podcast where my friends Chris and Jen interviewed me about poetry; or you could go here, and listen to me read a chapter from my new book on The Molehill Podcast, produced by the good folks at the Rabbit Room.

Currently, I'm one of the editors at Foundling House and I've also published two books. I try to post on this blog twice a month, and sometimes other people let me write for their websites as well, so you might find my work at places like: Fathom, The Rabbit Room, The Other Journal, Curator Magazine, and Red Tent Living. 

Thanks for reading and sharing!