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Invisible Hope

Poetry for Ragamuffins

In this first book of poetry, Janna Barber marvels both at the miracle of daylight and her own lack of faith—along with many other stops along an emotional highway.


From memories of a nomadic childhood, to wrestling with new grief, to chasing down love in all its forms, Janna tells the truth relentlessly in her first collection of original poetry.

At turns airy and light, and at others weighty and thoughtful, Janna seeks out transcendence in everyday life, whether it’s attending an Ash Wednesday Mass or laying down to sleep beside her husband of twenty-two years. 

To read these poems is to be reminded of both the brevity and beauty of life. To give yourself up to the moments that take you by surprise, and to honor the ones that leave you wounded, for even they have lessons to share.

All of our moments are holy, if we but take the time to see them, as they each bear witness to lives that are as unique and sacred as humanity itself.

Full Moon

"The road is smooth and I am young; the end of it is home.

So I hold my breath, and take a step toward the waning moon."

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