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100 years from now

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

in 2120 will it matter that i shared some words on this screen?

i'm asking because i'm having a hard time seeing past the next five minutes right now.

i'm hungry and tired with grief and i can't bring myself to make real paragraphs.

will you cry with me, for the storm i see on the horizon? it looks so scary and dark to me. i remember the last bad storm and i don't know how my house will hold up under another one. i pray that it's not as bad as the last one, but i can't control the clouds.

they go where they want to.

the only thing i know to do is take care of myself, which i guess means i need to go eat something, then maybe go for a drive where the sky looks a little bit more sunny.

but it feels irresponsible. shouldn't i brace my house somehow? i don't know, maybe sometimes it's better to just run for cover.

Jacob-wrestling God, can you fight for me now?

God-of-Angel-Armies please protect my loves.

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