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I Have 29 New Best Friends!

In September of 2018 I first created a document that I thought might turn into a poetry book some day. It started with around ten of my best poems. Six months passed and I added a few more poems and changed the name of the document. Then it was another six months before I finally began turning it into a real book, and that was only because a friend of mine basically made me do it. I ordered a proof copy that came right before Christmas, and now that all the final edits have been made, it's ready to present to the world! I shared the news on social media last week, but for my friends and readers who are unplugged, I wanted to make the announcement here as well. So without any further ado, I'm proud to share my first book of original poetry with you. You can follow this link to take a closer look or to order your own copy.

As of this morning, twenty-nine people have purchased a copy, and two beautiful souls bought two copies! And these people are my new best friends, even though I'm not sure who all of them are. It's a good thing I can't track the addresses of my buyers, because I'd be tempted to show up at their front doors to give them a kiss--ha ha! Anyway, I'm glad my writing community challenges me to try new things. Do you have any dreams you'd like to make come true this year? I think it's time to get started!


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