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An Almost Weekend Update

I have a newish poem up over at Foundling House this week. Actually, it's more of an old poem that I rewrote recently. You can check it out by following this link:

I'm trying really hard to finish my book, but life has been getting in the way a lot lately. I have somewhere between three to five thousand words left to go, or a chapter and a half if that makes more sense. I'm still not sure what the last essay in my book is supposed to be about. Right now the outline says "Renaming God," but I don't have a clear story to go with it, or I do, but I'm not sure it fits with the rest of the book. Anyhow, my goal is to be done sometime in April, then I'll start trying to figure out how to get it out there in the world for people to read. Wish me luck!

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