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How Can I Tell You About ...?

Never come between a man and his fire pit.

This is a casual reminder to myself that this is my website, and I can publish whatever I want to here, because not everything I write is for sale. In fact, most of what I write is just for me. To help me process life. Because I'm a four on the enneagram, and writing preserves my sanity. Or whatever other excuse you want to assign to how I choose to spend my time. Paul Williams (of Three Dog Night fame) once wrote a song called "Old Fashioned Love Song," (which is kinda terrible, but also pretty groovy) and Paul McCartney basically said there's nothing wrong with filling the world with silly love songs, so I guess this is my contribution. But also, it was John's birthday on Saturday, and he's still my favorite person to get away with for the weekend. So here's the latest poem I wrote for him. Enjoy!

Just another Cheesy Poem about Love (For John)

When Sam’s first

girlfriend stayed at our house

I had a dream about the first

time we held hands. In the dark

of a movie theatre—the


between our fingers

made my breathing quick

and shallow. And how I wanted to wrap

both my hands around yours

to steady

myself. Hunched over

the armrest, as close to you as possible—disregarding

most of the action onscreen. But this was our

first real date

and I was trying

to be nonchalant.

So I pulled back, reminded myself to be cool. Even

though I knew I’d never

felt anything like this

before, never would

feel this exact way again. And how

you said to me the other night

that you wished we could meet each other

again, for the first time.

Will your kisses always

take my breath away, or will our pulses both slow down

together when we go? Breathe that final breath for the

very last time, look into my eyes and know

that you were always

and ever will be,

the only man for me.

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