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Hidden in Shadow

Tales of Grief, Lamentation, and Faith

Where is God during those long dark nights of the soul? Why is He so far from hearing my groaning?

It is an uncomfortable truth that the path to joy often leads through valleys shadowed by grief. Loneliness, depression, and anger can consume our hearts and minds so fully that we see no way to escape the dark.


Where is God? Where is the comfort and joy He promised?

Janna Barber was a preacher’s kid.


She grew up surrounded by a cloud of believers that taught her to ignore and suppress such negative emotions. She graduated high school, went to college, found a husband, and started a family.


That was when she found herself suffering through a profound sadness. Depression, multiple miscarriages, and an inexplicable anger weighed her down as she trudged through those shadows, searching for a light she could not find.


It was through her grief and lamentations that Janna learned that to experience the light of hope and joy, we must be willing to walk through the shadows.


With warmth, wit, and humor, Janna invites readers to examine their own grief and see if it might be transformed into something good.

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Reading this book was like having a good, deep conversation with a friend. In Hidden in Shadow, Janna Barber took me by the hand and shared some of her life with me. She shared stories that have shaped her, and as she wrote she didn’t shy away from uncomfortable questions that come with grief and depression.
Throughout the book, Janna grapples with these questions without giving pat answers, and at the same time she shows how she’s grown emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. In many ways she’s grown because of the questions. The shadows of her life are shot through with the inescapable light of God’s love and grace, and by giving us her stories in a straightforward, conversational way, Janna gives us a way to see forward in our own lives with hope.

Loren Warnemuende

Full Moon

Be still.

Be human.

Be loved.

- Janna Barber,

Hidden in Shadow

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